Latest CD-to-Be: Dew-Alities

May 13, 2015

We had so much fun co-creating Love's Conspiracy (Nov.2014) and Cheep Dates (Feb.2015) that we're already back-at-it, concocting a truly Celtalachian recording, dubbed "Dew-alities" by Ellie, to be released this summer.

In celebrating the two forms of roots music which are nearest and dearest to our hearts -- Celtic and Appalachian (Oldtime) -- we generally find ourselves alternating ponderous Old Country ballads (accompanied by Celtic harp, penny whistle, bouzouki, cello, etc.) with the livelier fare of Appalachian mountain fiddle and banjer tunes. This new CD will take it a step further, actually mixing and melding Celtic and Appalachian tunes within the same song, creating medleys of at least two and sometimes three different tunes -- thus, 


And OH! what interesting combinations are emerging from our collective compost piles!  We'll pair W.B. Yeats' (Rhodyjane's favorite poet) quintessentially unrequited-love lyrics Down by the Salley Gardens with the classic mountain murder ballad Down in Some Willow Garden. As a spinner and weaver, Ellie reminds us that the "salley" or willow tree provided necessary pre-plastic baskets, and its groves provided the perfect place for trysting, often with not-so-happily-ever-after results.  Laura's dredging up an interesting tune that sounds much like a Celtic slip-jig for The Streets of Laredo, which her Scots-Irish grandfather sang to her when she was but a wee lass.

The really difficult task is going to be limiting our choices to an even dozen when there are sooooooooooo many possibilities: Jealous Heart and Jealous Hearted Me; Rye Whiskey and Farewell to Tarwaithe; Factory Girl and Cotton Mill Girls. It's surely a daunting task, but together we can DEW it!  

Watch this space for "Dew-Alities" updates.