Hard to imagine, but it's been a whole and entire year since we recorded Love Came Down, and that year's been a bit rough in places, to say the least.  

We've been bounced and jounced and rattled around a time or two, but somehow in the midst of all the discombobulation, we found a pot of gold (a porta-POT-ty?!?) in Thistle-Dude Lonny Finley, who's claimed his rightful place as the "Thistle Whistle" for Dew-Drops Laura and Rhodyjane, and Dew-Droplet Annie Jo.

What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been!

November 26, 2016


It will, of course, be this year's go-to item for Santa and all his elves...er, little people. Somewhere on down the line, Ridin' the Runnin' Board will be joined by an all-Celtic CD , Pushin' the Ox Cart, which will be available either as a single, or as part of a 2-disc set, but you never know when life's gonna throw you a curve, so we suggest you grab your copy NOW, and just HANG ON! 


To celebrate his DEW-bious title, Lonny felt it only fittin' to break into Show Biz at long last! Much to Amanda's DEW-light (no doubt), he turned a den and bedroom-across-the-hall of "Backwoods Lodge" into a boney-fide recording studio.

From this comes our FIFTH CD (coincidence? I think not.) , appropriately entitled Ridin' the Runnin' Board and coming to an ear-near-you in early December.