There have been many new friends since then and many wonderful times with my new co-conspirators in sound.  There is a completeness that just seems right, like living life in three part harmony. 

LF  April 2018

After coming off a particularly busy Christmas season, while all the music was still fresh in our minds and ears, it seemed like a good idea to begin work on a new Christmas CD.  ​ So we are back in the upstairs studio at Backwoods Music taking small bites out of what could be a rather large musical meal. The plan is to rework some of our old favorites as well as add some new  tunes that we are in the process of learning.  It is nice to be able to take our time but we hope to have a finished product in the fall, perhaps by Halloween, ready for the  Season of Peace, Light and Joy.  The working title is ...well...there is no working title.  Stay tuned!

That led to another invitation to add whistle, mandolin and other sides to “Cheep Dates” in 2015.  Then when Ellie decided to retire later that year, I suggested to Rhodyjane that we might make some fine music together.  So in 2016, I became an official “Thistle Dude” and we have been playing well together since then.  I have always felt, and still feel, my strength is as an instrumentalist rather than a vocalist, but when we sing together, it sounds so…complete, like all the parts are there again.

Music Makes You Happy!!!

Living Life in Three Part Harmony

Speaking of Christmas, if your church is interested in a Celtalachian cantata for this Christmas season, please let us know via the contact page here on the website.  We can customize a cantata for your congregation using a combination of Celtic and Appalachian songs and carols sure to bring new meaning to everyone's favorite time of year.

Work in Progress

Here’s a music lesson for you.  The smallest unit of harmony is an interval made up of two notes.  Typically we want these notes to sound good together.  The next unit of harmony is a chord made up of at least three notes that sound together to create a pleasing effect.  I could go into a lot of detail about chords but suffice it to say that all music uses them.  If they are not physically there, they are at least implied and it is the musician’s job to find and order them appropriately.

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When I first became aware of Thistle Dew some three or four years ago, I was captivated by three voices singing chords.  To me, it sounded so…complete.  Once that completeness is there, then you can conjur up almost any emotion you want; Beauty, wistfullness, sorrow, joy, anger, peacefulness.  All are available and useful, because as I have told my students for years now, the purpose of music (or any art for that matter) is to make you feel SOMETHING.  It almost doesn’t matter what you feel, but you must feel something.  When I heard Laura Laughridge, Ellie Hjemmett and Rhodyjane Meadows sing, I did feel something.  I felt like I wanted in!  So when I was asked to add some pennywhistle to “Love’s Conspiracy,” their 2014 Christmas offering, I jumped at the chance.

“If music be the food of love, play on.”   
Duke Orsino in “Twelfth Night” by William Shakespeare.

In the meantime, our summer and fall is filling up and we hope you'll be able to  find us somewhere along the road during the warmer weather.  We'll be all around the area from Jonesborough to Bakersville and Burnsville and Spruce Pine and parts as of yet unknown.  Check  our schedule regularly to see what's been added and you, too, can become a "DEW-head!"